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4th - 6th Grade Lessons

Using Quotation Marks : Learn the proper use for quotation marks.
Greater Than/Less Than : Help bank customers by using the "greater than" and "less than" symbols.
The Skeletal System : Explore all the bones in your body.
The Wright Brothers: Learn about the inventors of the airplane.
Comma Confusion: Learn the importance of using commas correctly in a variety of situations.

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7th Grade - 8th Grade Lessons

Scarlet Pimpernel: Provides background, vocabulary, and context so readers appreciate this historical novel. 
Ruthie's Journal: Builds reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.
Linear Functions: Determine if a function is linear. Does this sound dry? It's not: it's a riot.
Liberty or Death: Students will analyze the colonists' calls for independence and their early battles against England.

Rate, Time and Distance: Learn to solve classic word problems with the help of interactive animation.

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