Social Studies - 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Second Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans

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second grade social studies
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Social Studies -2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Time4Learning is an online student-paced learning system covering preschool through middle school. It is popular as a second grade homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment, for remediation, and for summer study.

The lesson plans below provide a detailed list of the second grade social studies curriculum, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. Additional resources related to second grade social studies are also provided, below.

Students enrolled in second grade social studies will also have access to third grade social studies lessons as part of their membership, so they can move ahead at their own pace.

If you are just learning about Time4Learning, we'd suggest first looking at our interactive lesson demos. Members often use this page as a resource for more detailed planning, to choose specific activities using the activity finder or to compare our curriculum with state standards.

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2nd Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans
Total Activities: 23

non-scored activity Non-Scored scored activity Scored worksheet Worksheet answer key Answer Key quiz Quiz
Chapter 1: "Wants & Needs"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Human Needs: Identify basic human needs. The Basics nonscored 20044
Lesson Quiz: Human Needs quiz
How Basic Needs Are Met: Explain how basic needs of food, clothing and shelter can be met. Let's Meet Needs nonscored 20073
Meeting Needs nonscored 20120

Chapter 2: "Compare/Contrast Locations"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Map Skills: Use maps to locate states, the United States, continents and oceans. Continents nonscored 20046
Lesson Quiz: Map Skills quiz
Maps & Globes: Recognize that maps are utilized to provide directions as well as location. Location, Location, Location nonscored 20063
Lesson Quiz: Maps & Globes quiz
Recognizing Map Symbols: The learner will recognize symbols on a simple map. Super Symbols nonscored 20069
Cardinal Directions: Locate places using cardinal and intermediate directions. Over the Edge nonscored 20110
Lesson Quiz: Cardinal Directions quiz

Chapter 3: "Our National Identity"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Historic Places: Identifies selected important buildings, statues and monuments associated with national history, for example, Capitol building, White House, Statue of Liberty, the United States flag and the Liberty Bell. Monumental Madness nonscored 20064
Monumental Madness Lesson Quiz: Historic Places quiz
National Holidays: The learner will explain the purpose of, and the people and events honored in commemorative, patriotic holidays such as President's Day, Veteran's Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents scored 20107
Lesson Quiz: National Holidays quiz
Cultural Holidays: The learner will explain the purpose of various holidays celebrated by different cultures within the United States, such as, Cinco de Mayo and Kwanzaa. It's a Fiesta nonscored 20108
Year of the Dragon nonscored 20109
Lesson Quiz: Cultural Holidays quiz
Patriotic Expressions: The learner will know the Pledge of Allegiance and songs that express American ideas (e.g., My Country 'Tis of Thee and The Star Spangled Banner. Love American Style nonscored 20106
Lesson Quiz: Patriotic Expressions quiz

Chapter 4: "Work In Society"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Types of Jobs: Identify jobs in the home, school and community, describe the requirements of various jobs and cite examples of characteristics of doing a job well performed. Helping Hands at Home nonscored 20111
Helping Hands in the Community nonscored 20112
Lesson Quiz: Types of Jobs quiz

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Activity finder tool for parents

Lesson Activity Finder Tool

The lesson activity finder is one of the many helpful tools that Time4Learning offers its members. The activity finder is a shortcut that makes it easy for parents to preview lessons or find extra practice for their child.

Every lesson in the curriculum has a unique activity number, referred to in the lesson plans as an "LA Number." These numbers can be found on the table above or the lesson plans in the parent administration area.

The activity finder can be found in the lower left hand corner of the Student LaunchPad page. To use it, members simply log in to their child’s account, type the Learning Activity (LA) number of a lesson into the Activity Finder and click “Go” to open it.

For additional information, please visit our hints and help section, which gives more details about the activity finder.

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