Hints & Help

Tips for members on using Time4Learning

Time4Learning established in 2004
(888) 771-0914
PreK - 8th Grade
$19.95 / student
per month
$14.95 / month for each additional PreK - 8th student

High School
$30 / student
per month
Includes 4 Courses

How to Get Started

Basic Navigation
Making sense of the tools.
Technical Issues
Getting Started
Navigation help for new members
Basic Navigation
Help navigating the
lower and upper levels
Activity Finder
Locate specific activities
with the Activity Finder
Lesson Plans
Plan your lessons using
the Lesson Plans
Worksheets & Teaching Guides
Help for parents
Changing Grade Levels
Hints on updating your
child's grade level
How do I use the assignment function?
Activities, Quizzes, & Tests
What are the differences between activities, quizzes and tests?
Loading Games
Do the games before the lessons
count toward my grade?
Progress Reports
How do I use the progress reports?
Peedy the Parrot/ MS Agent
Can the non-interactive lessons be read aloud?
Odyssey Writer
How do I use the Odyssey Writer?
Parent Forum
What are other Time4Learning
parents talking about?
"Click Here for Lesson Time" trouble?
"Your session has expired."
Why can't I see or hear the lessons?
Lesson not marking as complete?
Why is it asking me for my Odyssey Login?
What is my IP address and system information?